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I am interested in the interaction between things within invisible fields. Why? Because this is one of the universal principles through which the world is produced. This action appears in all situations through the irreversible flow of time, from the genesis of the universe and the evolution of life to the history of human society and individuals’lives. For me, this is both mundane and mysterious.


As their main materials, my productions make metaphorical use of granular materials, etc. By using such materials, I present forms that give a sense of relationship by means of the changing interaction between things that are formed and yet prone to collapse. This signifies that they exist and yet at the same time do not exist.


The properties of particles change appearance within the dual nature of flow and hold. Like granular materials, all things are determined by the balance of interactions that constantly change and are difficult to predict, and which become fluid. I pursue the competing relationships of things that spill out from spaces in the world and in the environment that surrounds me, and I want to express in my productions the certain principles that exist even when things are invisible and indefinite.






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